July 13, 2024
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External New Financing Strategy Analysis & Research

DFI has been playing a leading role in publishing analysis on the issues related to developing countries’ experiences of external resource mobilisation and new financing strategies. In particular DFI, as part of its work under the HIPC Capacity Building Programme, has designed a methodology to help countries choose dispassionately among different financing sources based on their advantages and disadvantages for development. For a comprehensive overview of external financing choices and a detailed discussion of aid issues facing low-income countries with limited market access, see our publication on Key Analytical Issues for Government External Financing.

DFI has also published many more detailed papers on different types of external finance, including:

  • how developing countries can get the best quality aid flows for development, focussing on multilateral and bilateral donor and lender policies and practices, South-South aid and aid effectiveness. This includes a Guide to Donors, for developing countries to see whether 52 bilateral donor and multilateral organisations match their development financing needs.

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