July 17, 2024
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Debt Sustainability Analysis and Research

DRI is among the world’s leading organizations analyzing debt sustainability issues. For examples of these analytical papers, see Has Debt Relief Made Low-Income Countries’ Debt Sustainable? and IPD Working Papers. On the basis of demand from low-income countries, DRI has always focused on including domestic debt in debt sustainability analysis – see Key Issues for Analysing Domestic Debt Sustainability. Most recently we have broadened this analysis to look at the Fiscal Sustainability of Debt including guarantees and contingent liabilities, and subnational debt.

For a more technical description of the various existing debt sustainability ratios and how they are used, please read Debt Sustainability Indicators. For a summary table of these ratios, please download Debt Sustainability Ratios.

We have also produced guides to the different methods for conducting Debt Sustainability Analysis. For description of the methodology used for HIPC Debt Sustainability Analysis, see Implementing the Enhanced HIPC Initiative. For a technical guide to the methodology used for LIC-DSF Analysis, see the document prepared by our partner, CEMLA.available on request from DFI.


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