July 13, 2024
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National coordination

National Taskforces comprise stakeholders from government and the private sector that have a mutual interest in monitoring and analysing private capital. They cooperate in order to harmonise related initiatives, reduce survey fatigue, and maximise the use of scarce financial and human resources.

Usually National Taskforces are led by the Central Banks (although other agencies serve this function in some countries, such as a National Statistics Office or a key Ministry). They typically include Investment Promotion Agencies, and may additionally include finance and line ministries, and private sector associations. They may be formal or informal, backed by some form of agreement, indicating the roles, responsibilities and contributions financial or in-kind of each.

The National Taskforce needs to promote awareness among businesses and commercial banks about the purpose and benefits of such exercises, retain institutional memory of best practice for implementing surveys, the ability to evaluate its own capacity and requirements in this area, and to build or reinforce systems to facilitate coordination among its members.

It needs to identify human resource needs; recruit, train and retain appropriate staff, and sequence tasks in such a way as to facilitate predictable planning, and ensure dissemination of data and analysis is as timely as possible.

It needs to execute effectively the labour-intensive process of implementing surveys: administering questionnaires, protecting confidentiality, visiting enterprises, managing follow up and storing returns.


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