July 13, 2024
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Codes, Concepts and Definitions

Codes_concepts_and_definitionsBOP-related codes and standards form the basis of all national monitoring and analysis. International organisations are the architects of those standards, which they periodically update to take account of changes in the “real world”, and seek to harmonise among themselves. In between new editions, there are ongoing issue-based discussions, which often lead to the publication of supplementary guides which inturn need to be referred to.

In recent years, these standards became even more detailed and challenging. They need to be taken up at the national level, and countries face a rather daunting challenge in keeping abreast. Most countries have also signed up to various data dissemination systems and standards. Compliance with these codes and standards is one of the areas in which countries are urged to assess their own capacity.

These pages describe the most relevant standards and how they inter-relate, give information on country status, and link to related training methodology.

Materials are divided into:


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