July 13, 2024
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Multilateral (IFI)

The major multilateral organisations, such as the IMF, World Bank, United Nations and European Union, as well as the main regional development banks, (African, Asian, Caribbean and Inter-American Development Banks) provide highly concessional resources to-low income developing countries. Information on multilateral grants and concessional loans can be found in Key Analytical Issues for Government External Financing and Multilateral Creditors Loan Terms.

DFI has also prepared a Guide to the policies and procedures of multilateral organisations, as listed below, to assist developing countries in choosing financing sources and other stakeholders in assessing the relative quality of different financing:

To help countries strengthen their capacity in analysing multilateral concessional resources as part of designing an external new financing strategy, DFI has developed detailed training materials and manuals and conducted research and analysis.

Latest work DFI carried out in this area:

28 February - DfID Multilateral Aid Review

DFIDThe UK Department for International Development has released two major Multilateral and Bilateral Aid Reviews in keeping with the shake up of Britain's aid programme. More information here. DFID also agreed to publish the evaluation of multilateral aid institutions provided by DFI, based on the HIPC Capacity Building Programme donor evaluation scores, which was submitted as input to the DfID Multilateral Aid Review. The report presents the assessments of 12 multilateral institutions by developing country aid officials, across a range of policy and procedural issues.


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