June 25, 2024
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trendTrends data enable stakeholders in official, banking, business, academic sectors and regional and international organisations to perform enhanced analysis of what is happening to private capital, for more effective policy formulation.

For inward and outward investment, they reveal information on international investment positions comprising stocks, transactions and other flows, and the scale and composition of private capital by instrument (foreign direct investment, portfolio investment, and other investment).

Information on debt maturity (long versus short term), and the cost of debt and equity (reflected in income flows) enable analysis of the sustainability or volatility of private capital – which allows countries to assess the impact it is likely to have on their economic development.

For analytical and investment promotion purposes, purposes, data are split into source country, recipient economic sector, and recipient region.

Data on these pages are split into:

Latest work DFI carried out in this area:

28-30 April - Botswana SMME Conference and Fair (Gaborone)

LEADFI Programme Manager Nils Bhinda attended the Botswana SMME Conference and Fair, where he represented UNCTAD at the invitation of the Local Enterprise Authority. The Conference addressed the challenge of economic diversification in the context of declining natural resource revenues, and private sector led growth via SMMEs. Mr Bhinda presented on global FDI trends and prospects. The Fair showcased SMME products and services. The events were very well attended by national, regional and international experts.


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