June 17, 2024
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Private Capital Flow Training

DFI provides capacity-building support on monitoring, analysing and policy formulation on foreign private capital issues via an integrated system of country missions, long-distance advisory and review services, and the facilitation of peer-to-peer experience sharing and training.

This is coupled with a very comprehensive set of generic training resources, which are modular and fully adaptable to country need. They cover all areas of implementing national projects.

Support complies fully with international data codes and standards. On one level, it is practically focussed, to assist national compilers to meet these codes and standards. On another level, it exceeds those standards by providing analysts, policy makers and investment promoters in government and the private sector with the tools they need to conduct their work on a daily basis.

Support is provided via:


Latest work DFI carried out in this area:

August 2011 - Wilson Phiri graduates MEFMI's FPC Fellowship Programme

logo_mefmiWe are pleased to announce Wilson Phiri's recent graduation under MEFMI's Programme, having successfully presented his findings to assessors on FDI and economic diversification in Zambia. Wilson has been mentored by DFI during this process, and his work draws on a wide range of sources including work Zambia and other countries have done under the FPC CBP. He will now advance to the accreditation stage, which would involve providing capacity building in the region, followed by preparation and presentation of a technical paper. 

29 March 2011 - Togo Releases IP and FPC Survey Results

TogoTogo's first survey of Foreign Private Capital flows and Investor Perceptions closed in November 2010. Achieving a response rate of 64.7%, the country is now releasing its national analytical report containing all the detailed findings generated by the survey, covering the methodological approach used, analysis of investment climate and of foreign assets and liabilities, and policy recommendations. 

24 February 2011 - Mali Releases FPC And IP Analytical Results

MaliMali successfully closed its first cycle of the FPC CBP in November 2010 with a high response rate of 72.8%. Results of the national survey on investor perception and foreign private capital have now been released in a comprehensive report featuring detailed data analysis and subsequent policy recommendations (in French only).


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