June 17, 2024
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Intensive assistance and ad hoc support

In response to a Government’s request, DFI will provide intensive support for institutional reform and training in all aspect of debt strategy analysis, through a series of in-country missions providing on-site training by international and regional experts. The report prepared at the end of each mission sets out an in-country work programme, which is to be completed prior to the subsequent mission, allowing national officials the time to use the training received to improve government policy, as well as to implement the recommended institutional reforms.

As required DFI can provide advisory support to governments with, for example, the following:

  • preparation of a Paris Club Memorandum and strategy for Paris Club negotiations
  • preparation of terms to be negotiated with a bilateral creditor and comments on draft agreements
  • best terms achieved by other HIPCs in bilateral and debt relief negotiations
  • comments on debt conversion proposals
  • assistance with decision about whether to seek financing from the international capital markets.

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