July 17, 2024
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Capacity Building

Building countries’ capacities in all aspects of debt strategy, foreign private capital and public finance is one of the key areas of DFI’s work. The aim is to work with countries to develop national skills and expertise to design, analyse, implement and manage their own policies and strategies on a sustainable basis, independently of external assistance.

DFI and its subsidiary Debt Relief International have built up a strong track-record over the past twelve years of delivering high quality capacity building programmes to low income countries through the donor-funded Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Capacity Building Programme (HIPC CBP) and the Foreign Private Capital Capacity Building Programme (FPC CBP) , in collaboration with regional partner organisations. In addition DFI has experience of providing capacity building assistance to officials of middle income country governments, donor organisations, international institutions and civil society organisations.

To deliver its capacity building programmes in public debt and finance strategy, DFI offers a wide range of training events and training materials. The training events include tailor-made country specific workshops and missions as well as regional events and a distance learning programme. For all these types of events, DFI has developed specialised and practical training materials.

To provide its capacity building activities in foreign private capital flows, DFI has designed a unique range of national and regional events and a practical software tool.

In order for countries and independent assessors to trace results in building country capacity, and to guide its results-based management of the capacity-building programmes, DFI has also developed a set of comprehensive country capacity assessment tools

Latest work DFI carried out in this area:

15 April 2015 - DFI to Support DRC to Reform Debt Laws and Design Debt Strategy

DRCDFI has won an AfDB competitive bid to support DRC to reform its debt management laws and design a national debt strategy. The project is expected to be completed during 2015-16.  


4 April 2015 - DfID Commissions Debt Position Paper

DFID BlueDFI has been commissioned by the UK Department for International Development to prepare a position paper on debt policy in the context of preparing the Financing for Development conference. It has also been asked to provide inputs on the 2016 review of the BWI Debt Sustainability Framework.


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