July 17, 2024
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National training events

These workshops aim to provide comprehensive training to Government officials in the analysis of debt strategy and financing issues, and to establish a sustainable Government team capable of updating debt strategy and new financing analysis regularly, with minimal external assistance. The workshops can focus on one or more of the following technical areas:

  • External and Domestic Data: prepare an external and domestic debt and grant database for strategy analysis and a debt and aid portfolio review.

  • External Debt Strategy: review recent developments in the country’s external debt restructuring, design debt relief scenarios and analyse the simulation results for future debt strategy purposes.

  • External New Financing Strategy: review recent trends debt and aid financing trends, analyse donor/creditor policies and procedures and evaluate priority donors/creditors for future resource mobilisation, design new financing scenarios and analyse the simulation results for a new financing strategy.

  • Domestic Finance Strategy: review recent developments in domestic debt, design new domestic debt restructuring and new financing and analyse the simulation results for a domestic debt strategy.

  • Risk and Cost Management: review recent trends of the cost and risk indicators and analyse the cost-risk trade-off of alternative debt restructuring or new financing scenarios.

  • Macroeconomic Forecasting: analyse recent economic trends and current macro projections, review the macroeconomic impacts of aid flows, and prepare alternative macro scenarios with 20-year projections.

  • Development or Poverty Reduction: review the development or poverty indicators, the PRSP and development or poverty reduction programmes and proposed expenditures, prepare an accelerated development or poverty reduction scenarios to achieve the Government’s aims, including the MDGs by 2015.

Comprehensive training materials have been prepared for these workshops. For further information about this programme, contact DFI or its partner organisations.

The output of a workshop is a draft National Debt Strategy Report, and capacity building plan, to be presented to senior policymakers, parliamentarians and others at a sensitisation seminar.


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