June 25, 2024
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Development and Poverty Reduction Analysis Training Materials

This aspect of a debt strategy focuses on how savings from future debt relief and more concessional new financing can be used to fund poverty reduction to assist the country to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Main tasks of national poverty reduction analysts

  • To review recent trends in poverty indicators and the current PRSP and poverty reduction programmes
  • To review poverty reduction costings and budgeted expenditures
  • To prepare an accelerated poverty reduction spending scenario to achieve the MDGs by 2015
  • To analyse how this accelerated poverty reduction can be met from debt relief savings

The training materials for conducting a national debt and aid strategy workshop are comprised of the following for each of the technical areas:

  • training manual tasks, explaining how to do conduct the relevant tasks and analyses
  • training manual tables, to assist with the analysis and recording of outcomes in Excel spreadsheets
  • reference materials, providing more in-depth explanatory and background information, including on international best practices

The CBP workshop manual also contains the preliminary documents setting out the workshop prerequisites and sample timetable and plenary, scenario and results tasks which related to the plenary sessions for all technical groups. In addition, the CBP provides a Training for Trainers Guide which accompanies the DSA national strategy workshop manual.


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