July 18, 2024
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11- December, Berlin. Expert Roundtable: Bringing All Creditors on Board

Wednesday, 31 January 2024 10:03

ErlassjahrMajor German CSOs held an expert roundtable meeting designed to work out how the German government could be more proactive in bringing all creditors on board to provide comprehensive debt relief – looking in particular at commercial creditors, multilateral creditors and Chinese institutions. For more details on the event, see here. Matthew Martin, Executive Director of DFI, spoke in a panel on how multilateral creditors had successfully provided multilateral debt relief under HIPC and MDRI without damaging their credit ratings, and could do so again without excessive costs to their lending streams or donor funds; and contributed ideas from the successful experiences of the UK government in introducing its “private creditor” vulture fund law in 2009-10, which is being replicated in New York and could be replicated across Europe. More details are available on request from DFI.


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