June 6, 2020
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July 2018 - DFI Begins Supporting Non-Commonwealth Users of CS-DRMS Debt System

Monday, 02 July 2018 10:00

ComsecDFI and the Commonwealth Secretariat signed an agreement making DFI the sole authorised distributor of the CS-DRMS debt recording and monitoring system for non-Commonwealth countries. There are currently 18 countries using the system, 11 in English and 7 in French versions. The contract will allow DFI to provide all the support needed by these countries in ensuring CS-DRMS supports their debt management effectively, as well as being open to supporting additional non-Commonwealth countries which apply to use the system.

This support will include an annual hotline support contract and end-user license agreement, as well as any additional support needed in installation, maintenance or training by individual countries. DFI also aims to reinforce feedback mechanisms between the non-Commonwealth user group and the Commonwealth Secretariat, so that their needs and priorities can be systematically taken into account. Finally, DFI will assist the countries in transitioning to the new Meridian system which will replace the CS-DRMS from April 2019, and contains major improvements in recording guarantees, contingent liabilities and domestic debt, as well as linking debt management to broader work cycles in Ministries of Finance and Treasuries, and more user-friendly interfaces and reports.


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