May 25, 2024
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13 October - Unpacking Fiscal Risks of Public-Private Partnerships, Washington

Friday, 13 October 2017 00:00

EurodadJubilee Debt CampaignDFI participated in a CSO-organised panel on public-private partnerships (PPPs), based on recent studies by Eurodad and Jubilee Debt Campaign, to discuss with IMF and World Bank officials their roles in helping countries to analyse and reduce fiscal risks of PPPs.

DFI presented the conclusions of the OIF Finance Ministers’ network on PPPs as expressed in their communiqué of 12th October, emphasising the potential high costs and risks of PPPs. It highlighted the need for comprehensive preparation in terms of laws and institutional structures to dramatically scale up capacity in developing countries to design, prioritise and implement public investment projects, and to negotiate PPP contracts more successfully, in order to reduce costs and risks.

DFI also emphasised two of the key ministerial recommendations: publishing an ex-ante assessment of the potential costs and risks of each project and maximum consultation with parliament and civil society before signing any major contract.


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