July 15, 2024
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5 June - New Study on Financial Flows in Sub-Saharan Africa

Honest account 2017According to new research, much more wealth is leaving Sub-Saharan Africa than is entering it. By calculating the movement of financial flows, the study reveals that the world’s most impoverished continent loses $203 billion through factors including tax avoidance, debt payments and resource extraction. Despite receiving resources such as loans, remittances and aid amounting to $161.6 billion, the continent’s annual net financial deficit is over $40 billion.

The report, published by a coalition of UK and African organisations, makes a series of recommendations as to how the system extracting wealth from Africa could be dismantled. Proposals include promoting economic policies that lead to equitable development, preventing companies with subsidiaries based in tax havens from operating in African countries, and transforming aid into a process that genuinely benefits Africa. 


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