June 7, 2020
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16-27 January - MTDS Mission to Senegal

Saturday, 28 January 2017 00:00

SenegalDFI participated in a training and technical assistance mission at Senegal’s National Debt Committee in order to design a 5-year medium-term debt management strategy (MTDS), over the 2017-2021 period. The mission found that Senegal’s level of debt has grown at a steady rate since 2006. It also observed an increasing emphasis of commercial debt in its portfolio, despite the country’s priority to mobilise concessional resources to finance the projects laid out in the national development plan (Plan Sénégal Emergent).

The mission also found that the National Debt Committee’s significant technical capacity to develop a debt strategy was thwarted by a few issues: difficulties in following up the implementation of the strategy; a clash with other sectors’ strategic orientations fixed by the MTDS, communication and dissemination concerns, as well as problems with the publication of the strategy which remains to be approved by the political or ministerial authority.


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