June 7, 2020
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3-5 November - MTDS Mission to Togo

Sunday, 06 November 2016 00:00

TogoDFI took part in the joint World Bank-IMF technical assistance mission to Lomé, Togo, in order to develop a medium-term debt management strategy (MTDS) for the 2016-2020 period. In support of Togo’s National Public Debt Committee, the mission showed that the country has a capacity to build a database in line with the required format which will enable the design of the strategy.

However, implementing the strategy is being thwarted by deficiencies in terms of institutional coordination. While systematically annexed to the budget law, the strategy is still not being used as a guiding document in the negotiation and mobilisation of loans, because of the lack of political and technical appropriation towards it.


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