July 17, 2024
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2 December - ILO Social Protection Report Uses GSW Data

Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

wspThe ILO has published the World Social Protection Report 2014 -2015 which highlights the importance of more investment in social protection in order to overcome inequality, tackle extreme poverty and foster more inclusive growth. The report uses some of Government Spending Watch (GSW) data to show how much some countries are spending on social protection, drawing conclusions that financing is currently insufficient to expand coverage to all. This reflects GSW's own analysis of social protection spending.

This ILO study gives a great overview of what each country has been doing on social protection over recent years which builds into an excellent global picture and overview of social protection systems and policy. It reviews social protection for children, women and men in working age, older persons, and reports on progress towards achieving universal health coverage. It also analyses recent trends, such as the impact of austerity programmes in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Read GSW’s view on this report and the caveats related to gathering social protection data in this blog by GSW Programme Manager Jo Walker.


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