July 15, 2024
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2 July – E-Newsletter - Recent and Forthcoming Activities

Friday, 02 July 2010 14:57

In the last two months, DFI participated in 6 major events around the BWI Spring Meetings, led analytical preparations for the UN Development Cooperation Forum, helped the ONE campaign to hold donors accountable for aid, launched its latest book on Private Capital Flows to LICs, helped Uganda design a Partnership Policy, and conducted multiple regional and country capacity-building events. In the next few months we will develop proposals to reduce the debt burdens of Commonwealth Small and Vulnerable Economies; publish analyses for UNESCO and Oxfam of the impact of the global crisis on MDG spending; write the United Nations International Development Cooperation Report; and work with our regional partners to relaunch major capacity-building programmes on debt strategy and foreign private capital in Africa and Latin America. For more details, see below or read our E-NEWSLETTER


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