July 17, 2024
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Distributorship Agreement with the Commonwealth Secretariat

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CS-DRMS Distributorship with the Commonwealth Secretariat

DFI is the exclusive distributor of the Commonwealth Secretariat Debt Recording and Management System (CS-DRMS) for non-Commonwealth countries.

64 countries, including 18 outside the Commonwealth, have procured CS-DRMS to record, manage and analyse countries’ debt portfolios (both domestic and external).

The non-Commonwealth countries, which are predominantly low and lower middle-income countries, fall into two groups:

• Eleven countries that use the English version of the software (Afghanistan; Bhutan; Cape Verde; Kosovo; Liberia; The Maldives; Myanmar; Nepal; Somalia; South Sudan; and Suriname); and

• Seven countries, all sub-Saharan, that use the French version (Comoros; Niger; Benin; Equatorial Guinea; Guinea Conakry; Mali; and Sao Tome & Principe).

We provide a whole range of services related to CS-DRMS including:

  • Hot Line Support in English and French
  • Installation and re-installation of the software
  • Training (intermediate and advanced) in the use of the software
  • Consultancy services including integration of CS-DRMS with IFMIS platforms and writing of customized reports.

We also offer assistance in relation to the building up of debt databases including streamlining information flows; undertaking debt data validation; producing statistical bulletin and debt reviews etc.