June 17, 2024
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Private Sector

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Most inequality is the result of unregulated market forces which systematically concentrate wealth and other assets (land, human capital) in the hands of a shrinking minority of citizens. This means that the private sector needs also to take policy measures to fight inequality, especially in terms of paying fair taxes in developing countries, having strong policies to promote decent and well-paid work, especially for women; reducing remuneration for its highest earners; and ensuring more equitable access to assets such as land and finance. DFI has been at the forefront of suggesting how to assess private sector impact on the SDGs, working with stakeholders such as the UN Development Cooperation Forum, Financing for Development Office, OECD, ITUC, Plan B, and Swedfund. It has also been closely involved in assessing how financial sector reform and regulation could do more to fight poverty and inequality, in cooperation with New Rules for Global Finance.