September 28, 2016
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14-16 November - UNCTAD Debt Management Conference

Thursday, 01 December 2011 14:44

UNCTADDFI spoke at the UNCTAD Debt Management Conference in Geneva on the links between debt management and public financial management, urging a reversal of the marginalisation of debt management in the absence of debt crisis, and a greater focus on funding decentralised regional and in-country capacity-building. For DFI's presentation click here. The conference also provided a forum for bilateral meetings with many of DFI's implementing partners and the countries we are assisting on debt management capacity-building. Overall, the conference focussed on debt restructuring and responsible borrowing/lending as well as debt management. Click here to see the programme and papers.


Our Partners


The Centre for Latin
American Monetary


The West African Institute
for Financial and
Economic Management


The Regional Debt Management
Training Unit
for Central and Western Africa


The Macroeconomic and
Financial Management
Institute of Eastern and
Southern Africa

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